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Frame 420.png | Modernization

Rental Tools Marketing Site

Case study coming soon but here's the new site

Frame 419.png

CBORD | Modernization


A complete UI overhaul of the legacy POS system used in school cafeterias. We improved key user flows in an effort to assist with the adoption of mobile devices (acquired as a result of COVID).

Case study coming soon.

Success screen.png

Bootcamp Project | Onboarding Process

Budget Collector

In order to complete my UX bootcamp with General Assembly, we were tasked to work with an actual client. Our team was grouped with Budget Collector, is an art advising app. We were tasked to create an onboarding experience that was quick, yet thorough.

Frame 421.png

Bootcamp Project | Information Architecture

San Fransisco
Public Library

During this exercise, I examined the information architecture of the library’s webpage. I was then tasked with conducting test to make improvements to the site navigation.

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